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Installation Video for Frame-Up™ Adjustable Kerf Steel Door Frame

Instruction for Pre-hung Unit:  View/Download the Adobe PDF file here.
Instruction for Door and Frame Assembly:   View/Download the Adobe PDF file here.


For Frame-Up Adjustable Kerfed frames, the rough opening with is 1 1/4″ larger than the nominal width of the door.

Width is nominal door width.

ROUGH OPENING: Nominal Door width + 1 1/4″


For Frame-Up Adjustable Kerfed frames, the rough opening must be 13/16″ higher than the total inside frame height. Since this frame is often pre-hung with a sill and bottom sweep, the height may vary. Always determine the net inside frame height of the configuration you are using including any necessary clearance. The rough opening height will be 13/16″ over the net height.

Inside frame height is the total height of all components plus clearances.

ROUGH OPENING: Inside Frame height plus 13/16″

To determine the rough opening height you must add 5/8″ to the overall net height of the frame, if your net frame height is 81″, the rough opening height will be 81 5/8″.

The rough opening width is to be 1 1/4″ over the nominal width, so if your door is 3’0″, then rough opening width will be 37 1/4″.

It is important to recognize astragal widths on double doors. There are normally two types of astragal, a z-astragal, and a 5/8″ astragal (sometimes referred to as a t-astragal). In such instances you can refer to the specification sheet, and consult the factory to determine your rough opening widths.

It is also important to note our frame can not be installed on masonry walls, you must use a sub-buck.